Team Alponics CBD Wholesale


In 2018, we used our existing 25-year old company, Pacific Rim Plantation Services Pte Ltd and established a Swiss parent company, Pacrim SA, and our manufacturing company, Alponics SA.

Alponics produces the highest quality CBD products in a responsible and sustainable manner. We adhere to all applicable Swiss regulations and standards. We test our own products and ensure full traceability from the hemp seed to the final product on the shelf.


Nigel Parsons


Brian Alponics Cannabidiol Wholesale

Brian Acon

Production & Quality DIrector

Montse Sanchez

Business Development Manager

Juan Bechara CBD oil

Juan Bechara

CBD Sales & Trade

Maxime Billen Alponics CBD Wholesale

Maxime Billen

CBD Sales & Media

Leo Alponics Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Leo Betesh

Cultivation Manager

David Alponics Supercritical CO2 Extraction

David Vilela

Laboratory Manager

Jo Alponics Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Joanne Shilling

CBD Cultivator

Our Cannabis CBD Plants

We use plants grown in the Vaud and Valais region of Switzerland. Our plants are 100% organic, without insecticides or pesticides and are grown with rainwater and water from our farm well. By using natural compost to feed our soil, we ensure the production of natural products of the highest quality for our customers.

Cannabis CBD
Cannabis CBD


CBD Distillate


The cleanest extraction methods

Our process relies on the cleanest forms of extraction from the highest quality raw materials. We grow in Switzerland, under sustainable organic conditions, to provide the safest, most consistent, purest and most effective products.


More than 25 years of agricultural experience

We only sell products that we grow or buy in Switzerland. With over 25 years of experience in agriculture, our group of experts develops and manufactures products that meet the highest standards. We drive innovation and create new standards of growing excellence every day.

CBD Laboratory


From fiber reutilisation to water recycling

Every process we implement is sustainable. From reusing fiber in our plant stems to reclaiming water in our growing systems, we continually incorporate cutting-edge sustainability techniques into all aspects of our product and facility development.


Team Alponics CBD Wholesale

Sharing our values

Alponics was created by a group of friends living in Blonay, Switzerland who share the same values and expectations in life. One day they got together and had the idea to combine their knowledge and life experiences in the new emerging CBD market.

Sharing our experience

It was the perfect opportunity to unify their operational experience, sustainable agriculture, and engineering and manufacturing expertise to integrate with the purity of Switzerland’s natural resources and environment.

The keys to our success