Our Brands

1807 Blends - CBD Oils

Discover our 100% Swiss Full Spectrum CBD oils with our 1807 Blends brand. Thanks to an extraction of our Swiss CBD flowers with Supercritical CO2 and distillation and purification processes developed in our laboratory, our CBD oils are of an incomparable purity.

Alponics - CBD Wholesaler

The Swiss market leader for premium CBD flowers and extractions, Alponics stands out from other wholesalers because of its 100% Swiss, organic and environmentally friendly production with a carbon neutral balance.

These characteristics, along with a dedication to offering the highest quality products, make Alponics an ideal partner for sourcing CBD products for your business – no matter what size.

1807 Bis - CBD flowers

We reserve our best strains grown on our Alponics farms for 1807 Bis, our CBD flower brand. Discover renowned strains, organically grown without fertilizers or pesticides. Taste the difference in quality.