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Nature shows us how to do things right. All we have to do is follow her lead.

At Alponics, we believe that it is time to unleash the full potential of cannabis and its benefits. We are dedicated to producing the best cannabis-derived ingredients and aim to contribute to the development, democratization and regulation of the market.

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Alponics Laboratory

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Alponics Laboratory

At Alponics, you will find a solution to all your CBD product needs. We have the capacity to meet all your needs and we also offer a multitude of services such as laboratory analysis. We even offer a white-label service, for any entrepreneur who wants to create their own CBD brand!

Discover our products and services

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ALPONICS, your CBD partner of choice

Organic CBD

Our CBD is bio-compliant and lends itself to the highest requirements of ecological sustainability, guaranteed without fertilizers or pesticides.

100% Swiss local production

Our entire production chain is located within a radius of less than 40 kilometers, between the canton of Vaud and Valais in Switzerland.

Laboratory tests

We have invested in a state of the art laboratory so that we can not only create all kinds of cannabis products, but also test the cannabis and obtain detailed cannabinoid profiles.